Potentialize the financial ecosystem, promoting access to digital assets for 100% of the world population. Interconnecting people to services as a credit, internationial payment, trade, providing social impact worldwild.

Airdrop & Betanet

In the next few weeks Bizanc Betanet will be launch, to engage better Bizanc community we are airdropping BIZ cryptocurrency inside of Bizanc DEX.

Follow the 3 steps bellow and became a Bizancquer. For further information read our Policies

01.Airdrop Instructions

To be elegible to receive Airdrop BIZ, complete every task of our growth methodology

02.Community Member

Congratulations you became a Bizancquer, now you are able to operate in Bizanc Network and enjoy de benefits of be decentralized

03.Invite People

The community value grows accordently people join it. Bizanc gives you XX BIZ for each new member registered.

Mining & Pre-sale

Bizanc DEX innovates on the mining industry allowing people mining BIZ and get fees payed in BIZ, ETH and BTC.

After genesis block emission, Bizanc will organizing a BIZ pre-sale allowing community buy it

The funds raised are going to finance Marketing, Development Team, Bug Bounty, Community and Reserve


Bizanc Decentralized Exchange

Bizanc enables you to trade cryptocurrencies in a 150+ billion dollar market, supporting Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens, with more currencies to come in the future


Bizanc operates as an open, decentralized network, eliminating single points of failure and increasing security and availability


The Bizancio Blockchain interfaces with the major cryptocurrency blockchains, allowing for seamless trading between different currencies


Modern trading interface with pathfinding capabilities allows orders to be matched through multiple currencies


White Paper

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Platform Guide

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Software API Guide

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Policies and Regulations

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Leandro Lustosa - CEO - Founder

“Started coding at 14, 10 years of professional experience working as a Software Engineer developing critical systems for Capital Markets and Big Data platforms for online advertisement.”

Luiz Menniti - Sales - Co-Founder

“Production Engineering by ABC Federal University, 5 years developing softwares using VBA, Python and Golang. Worked in Bloomberg renewable energy and Bloomberg Fixed Income.”

Fabio Hildebrand - Security Specialist - Co-Founder

“12+ years of experience with IT Audit and Information Security, is CISSP, CISA and CIA certified and since 2017 has been working full time building and auditing Dapps in the Ethereum Blockchain.”

Marcelo Jorge - CFO - Co-Founder

"Economist, 12 years of experience in the financial market. Worked as a banking consulting focused on products, market risk, team coordination in software company, business consulting on treasury area, asset and liabilities."

Marco Casaroli - Hardware Specialist - Co-Founder

"Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Embedded Software, Low Power Systems, Embedded Linux, Servers, and Event Driven systems. Strong professional with a Bachelor focused in Electrical Engineering from INATEL - Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações. "

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